Medical Device and Biopharmaceutical Heaters

CAS provides high-purity liquid and gas heating solutions to the medical device and medicine processing sectors.

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Cast Aluminum Solutions designs and manufactures heated medical device components for use in vital healthcare applications. CAS also offers high-purity heaters for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.  We work closely with device OEMs and plant operators to engineer thermal components that deliver innovations in purity, ease of use, and advanced functionality.

  • Medical Device Heaters:  High-purity liquid and gas heating components to fit a variety of blood, biofluid, and breathable gas applications & equipment requirements.
  • Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Heaters:  Inline heaters and circulation heaters for contamination-free heating of liquid ingredients used in medicines and process fluids.
  • New Product Development:  CAS's dedicated NPD Team works in very close collaboration with our customers’ engineering teams to specify, design, prototype and test next-generation medical devices.
  • Worldwide Compatibility:  Products can be manufactured to fit any worldwide voltage requirement.
  • Easily Controlled:  CAS products are compatible with most standard controls (PID, PLC, etc.).

Liquid and Gas Heating Components for Medical Devices

Nearly all fluid heating instruments from CAS feature isolated flow-paths, a design feature with distinct cleanliness advantages. Heated fluids are sequestered in a high-purity flow-tube (medical-grade PFA / PTFE or electropolished stainless steel), never contacting the heating element or any other heater constituent.

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  • Blood and biofluid heaters for immunoassay analyzers and blood gas analyzers
  • Plasma heating devices for kidney dialysis machines
  • Infusion and whole blood heaters for the prevention of hypothermia
  • Fluid heating components for intraperitoneal fluids control units
  • Blood and oxygen warming units for cardiopulmonary bypass systems
  • Vaporizers for heated humidified high-flow (HHHF) therapy / high flow nasal cannula (HFNC)
  • Small heating instruments for use in nebulizers with mist heating functions
  • Liquid-to-gas vaporization heaters for use in oxygen concentrator modules
  • Material choices include stainless steel, aluminum, and medical-grade elastomers (PFA, PTFE, ETFE).
  • Coatings and finishes include epoxies, Teflon®, electroless nickel plating, hard-coat anodizing and more.
  • Materials and components can be certified to meet multiple standards (ASTM, ASME-BPE, USP, FDA).
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CAS can be relied upon to design and manufacture high-purity heated components for the most critical applications, including dialysis. Virtually all our designs include isolated flow-paths, meaning the liquid or gas being heated never contacts the heating element or any other component within the heater.

Medical Device Heaters For Immunoassay Analyzers From Cast Aluminum Solutions

Immunoassay and blood gas analyzers represent appropriate matches for the small medical device heaters CAS manufactures. Different applications require distinct material choices and heater formats. CAS Engineers work directly with customers to ensure integration of the most appropriate materials, components, and manufacturing approaches.

PFA Tube Medical Device Heater Cast Aluminum Solutions

Our unique PUR-X design is available in several sizes for deployment in an array of gas or liquid warming applications. The high-purity medical-grade PFA flow-tube is removable and replaceable. For in-cabinet applications, this no-enclosure option is a very compact option. Waterproof terminal enclosures are available for units mounted for exposure. Heater bodies may be Teflon or epoxy coated.

Medical Device Heater For Blood Cast Aluminum Solutions

This miniature in-line heater features a replaceable cartridge heater and helical coiled 1/8” OD seamless stainless steel electropolished flow-tube. Isolated in the SST tube, heated media has zero contact with the heating element: an important contamination prevention feature. The cast-in design also offers very efficient heat transfer, and built-in temperature sensors facilitate easy integration with most standard controls.

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A variety of high-purity nonporous polymer tubes are available for integration with CAS heater designs. Chemistries include PFA, PTFE, TPE and ETFE, with outside diameters as small as 1/8” (3.175 mm) and temperature capabilities to 275°F (135°C). Components may be certified to FDA, USP, or EU purity standards.

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For devices utilizing seamless stainless steel flow-tubes, materials can be certified to ASTM A270 or ASME BPE specifications. These electropolished wetted surfaces can achieve roughness averages as low as 7 μin Ra (.17780 μm). As a final cleaning process, IDs may be passivated to appropriate ASTM specifications.

Liquid Oxygen Vaporization Heater For Medical Gas Cast Aluminum Solutions

CAS offers high-purity oxygen and air heating solutions for liquid oxygen vaporization (oxygen concentrators), on-site gas generation, and point-of-use station outlets. Small nebulizer-mounted heaters can also be manufactured for specialty inhalers.

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For applications with relatively high flow volumes, our PUR-X 2000 and PUR-X 1000 inline heaters may be recommended (max. power to 7.9 kW and 4.5 kW respectively). Standard features include removable and replaceable 3/8” (9.5 mm) OD high-purity PFA flow-tubes, and easily-cleaned Teflon®-coated heater bodies.

Drug Manufacturing and Biopharmaceutical Processing Heaters

Our CAST-X Circulation Heaters offer the same high-purity “isolated flow-path” design featured in our medical device heaters, but with the increased flow and power ceilings required by high-throughput applications such as medicine manufacturing and blood additive processing.

Pharmaceutical Heater Manufactured By Cast Aluminum Solutions
  • High-volume pasteurization & heating of liquid ingredients and sterile fluids used in biopharmaceuticals, cough syrups, laxatives, blood products, and other medical ingestibles.
  • Heating of water for circulation in limpet coils and tank heating coils
  • Liquid peroxide heating for vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) stations
  • DI or distilled water heating: initial heating as well as maintenance of recirculating tank temperature
  • Heating of diluted solvents and peracetic acid for disinfection and pathogen elimination applications
  • Heating applications used in the processing of plasma-derived and recombinant therapies
  • EtOH (ethyl alcohol) heating: CAST-X Circulation Heaters are capable of safely heating most flammable liquids and gases. Explosion-proof enclosures are available for such applications.
  • CAST-X Circulation Heater options include six base models, with a power capacity to 60 kW.  Flow-tubes are 316L seamless stainless steel, electropolished to customer specifications.  Passivation is available to meet numerous ASTM specifications.
  • Heated media is isolated in the heater's stainless steel tube, never contacting the heating element or any other components within the heater.
High Purity Circulatio Heater For Medical Device And Healthcare CAS

The CAST-X Circulation Heater’s primary design feature is its stainless steel flow-tube (here in yellow). Heated media is isolated in this ultra-clean tube, never contacting the heating element or any other portion of the heater. Flow-tubes may be electropolished and/or passivated to meet specific customer requirements.

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Our CAST-X Circulation Heaters are well- suited to high-volume biopharmaceutical processing and manufacturing operations. These are available in 6 base models, with power from .5 to 60 kW, and multiple options for enclosures, temperature sensors, and flow-tubes.

Recirculating Heater For DI Water From Cast Aluminum Solutions

Installed inline or as part of a recirculating loop, CAST-X Heaters integrate well with fluid- handling systems for distilled and DI water, plasma and blood products, and other high-purity pharmaceutical additives. With its isolated flow-path, CAST-X stands out for its ability to safely heat pure ethyl alcohol (EtOH).

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Critical disinfecting operations, including those requiring the heating of peracetic acid solutions, can be accomplished with CAST-X Heaters. This includes the disinfecting of feed lines and product dispersing tubes, as well as disinfecting of vials, bottles, and consumer packaging.