PUR-X 2000 Circulation Heater

PUR-X 2000 provides high-purity solvent & process gas heating via a replaecable PFA flow-tube.

Product details for PUR-X 2000 high purity heaters with PFA wetted tube surfaces for contamination-free solvent warming and variable volt-watt electric power options from Cast Aluminum Solutions.


  • Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning (Wet Bench) Processes
  • Heating of Photo-Resist Removal Solvents
  • DI water Heating for Wafer Rinsing
  • Air and Nitrogen Heating for Wafer Drying
  • Heating of Acids, IPA, Piranha, NMP, etc.
  • For Use with Single Pass or Recirculating Systems


  • Fluid Path has No Contact with Heating Elements
  • Media is Isolated in PFA (Teflon®) Flow-Tube (High Purity Heating)
  • Allows for Safe Heating of Dangerous Liquids & Gases
  • Flow-Tube is Safe for Use with Many Caustic Solvents
  • Flow-Tube Is Field Replaceable (No Service Call Required)
  • Compatible with Standard Controls (PID, PLC, Multi-Loop, etc.)
  • Body is Teflon® Coated, for Maximum Cleanliness
  • Self-Draining Flow-Tubes, and Long-Life Heating Elements



  • 5 kW Total to 7.9 kW Total
  • Voltage Range: 200 - 480 V
  • Max Line Current: 30 A per circuit


  • .375” OD (3/8”) (9.52 mm)
  • .031” Wall (.80 mm)
  • Overall Process Tube Length: 325" (8255 mm)
  • PFA (PerFluoroAlkoxy) / Teflon® (standard)
  • High Purity PFA (optional upgrade)
  • Max Pressure: 70 psi (4.82 bar)


  • Aluminum with Black Teflon® Protective Coating


  • NEMA 7 (explosion-proof)

Max Working Temperature:

  • 392°F (200°C)


  • K or J Type Thermocouples Standard (Qty. 3)
    1 for Process Control
    1 for High-Limit Protection
    1 for Tube Temperature Protection

Available Accessories:

  • Insulating Jackets
  • Compression Fittings

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PUR-X 2000 PFA-Tube Circulation Heater Part Numbering System

These product configuration details show all the component options available on a PUR-X 2000 High Purity Inline Heater for heating solvents and semi gases, all these UHP offerings available from Cast Aluminum Solutions.

Building a PUR-X 2000 Part Number:
Use the tables below to build each section of your PUR-X 2000.  After assigning letters/numbers for each applicable section, you will have a complete part number, ready to quote.
For assistance, contact CAS directly.

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