CAST-X 1000 Circulation Heater

With optional built-in controls, CAST-X 1000 is a straightforward solution, perfect for OEMs & end users.

Customers purchase these CAST-X 1000 models as fuel and oil heaters, as they are compatible with flammable liquids and gases.


  • Engine & Compressor Pre-Heating
  • Solvent Heating for Wet Bench Applications
  • Hydrogen Peroxide & IPA Vaporization
  • Commercial Foodservice Machines
  • Compressor Condensate Evaporation
  • Steam Generation


  • Fluid Path has No Contact with Heating Elements
  • Heated Media is Isolated in Seamless 316 Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Allows for Safe Heating of Explosive Gases & Flammable Liquids
  • Excellent Performance in High-Pressure Applications
  • Suitable for Use with Sterile and Zero Contaminant Processes
  • Compatible with Standard Controls (PID, PLC, Multi-Loop, etc.)
  • Small Size Enables Easy Integration into Larger Machines
  • Self-Draining Flow-Tubes, and Long-Life Heating Elements



  • 700 W Total to 3 kW Total
  • Voltage Range: 120 - 480 V
  • Max Line Current: 15 A


  • .313” OD (5/16") (7.9 mm)
  • .020” Wall (.5 mm)
  • Overall Process Tube Length: 137” (3480 mm)
  • 316L Stainless Steel (standard)
  • Inconel (optional upgrade)
  • Passivated or Electro-Polished (optional upgrades)
  • Max Pressure: 2100 psi (144 bar)


  • NEMA 1 (general-purpose/dust-proof)
  • NEMA 4 (moisture-resistant)
  • Max Working Temperatures:

Max Working Temperatures:

  • No Enclosure: 662°F (350°C)
  • NEMA 1 (dust-proof/general-purpose): 608°F (320°C). With thermostat: 250°F (121°C)
  • NEMA 4 (moisture-resistant): 482°F (250°C). With thermostat: 250°F (121°C)
  • Published temperatures are for housing at 12 o’clock position;
    Higher temps may be possible at 6 o’clock position. See factory for details.


  • K or J Type Thermocouples Standard
  • Snap-Action High-Limit Thermostat
  • Process and High-Limit Thermocouples

Available Accessories:

  • Insulating Jackets
  • Compression Fittings

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Dimensional Drawings

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CAST-X 1000 Circulation Heater Part Numbering System

This pat number key shows how to configure a CAST-X 1000 so it is compatible with lubricant, oil and hydraulic fluid heating.

Building a CAST-X 1000 Part Number:
Use the tables below to build each section of your CAST-X 1000.  After assigning letters/numbers for each applicable section, you will have a complete part number, ready to quote.
For assistance, contact CAS directly.

This chart illustrates the multiple options for voltage, watts and amps on CAST-X 1000 oil heaters, manufactured by Cast Aluminum Solutions.
This chart shows the electrical enclosure options for CAST-X 1000 oil heaters, which are available with waterproof housings NEMA 4.
Here is a chart illustrating the snap action high-limit switches offered on the CAST-X 1000 oil heaters, which are an electric inline circulation heater.
This shows the metric mounting options for CAST-X 1000 oil heaters, which are used to heat all types of flammable gases and fuels.
This shows the custom options for CAST-X 1000 oil heaters, which are electric circulation heaters for use with diesel fuels, LNG, and other natural gas heating applications.
This image shows the accessories available to buyers of CAST-X 1000 oil heaters, which are designed and manufactured by Cast Aluminum Solutions in Batavia, Illinois.