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PUR-X 2000

The CAS PUR-X replaceable tube circulation heater provides contamination-free heating of liquids and gases.

Target Markets

  • Semiconductor solvent heating
  • High-purity liquid heating


  • PUR-X 2000: 5.0kW – 7.9kW, 120V, 200V, 208V,
    220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 480V
  • Explosion Resistant (NEMA 7) electrical enclosure
  • Tubing, .375” (3/8”) O.D. x .031” wall, field replaceable
    • Standard PFA
    • High purity PFA, compliant with SEMI F57
    • 325” Long (27ft or 8.3m)
    • Tube size & length are the same for both standard
      PFA & high purity PFA
  • Body: Aluminum 319, Teflon®-coated
  • Maximum operating temperature: 200°C (392°F)
  • Two sensors, for process control and process high-limit, choice of J or K type thermocouples
  • Third sensor (J or K type, matching the selected process sensors) for casting and tube protection. Requires independent high limit control loop set no higher than 235° C (455° F).
  • Optional insulation jacket
  • Optional fittings, PFA 3/8" Straight Union, Semi F57 compliant
  • 70 psi max (480 kPa)

Size and weight:

  • PUR-X 2000: 4.3” O.D. (10.9cm) x 22” (55.9cm) tall,
    29 lbs (13.1Kg) (includes housing)

PUR-X 2000 without insulation jacket

PUR-X-2000 without insulation jacket

PUR-X 2000 with insulation jacket

PUR-X-2000 with insulation jacket


  • Heating elements cast in aluminum
  • Low maintenance
  • Teflon®- coated for easy cleaning
  • High purity heating
  • Fluid path independent of heater sheath
  • Non-welded construction
  • Self-draining
  • Replaceable tubing


  • Semiconductor wet process systems
  • Wafer cleaning equipment (wet bench systems)
  • Heating of photo-resist removal solvents
  • DI water heating for wafer rinsing
  • Air and Nitrogen heating for wafer drying
  • Acid heating

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing of PUR-X 2000

Competitor Comparison

Competitive Product
Enclosure Explosion resistant (NEMA 7) electrical enclosure Requires inert gas purging
Maximum temperature 200°C (392°F) 180°C (356°F)
Heater element / construction Tubular heating element, cast into aluminum 319.  No contact with fluid. PTFE-sheathed element, in contact with fluid.
Insulation jacket Optional Not available
Fluid path Field-replaceable PFA tubing Not an isolated fluid path - Body and heater element are in contact with fluid

Heating and Pressure Drop Profiles for PUR-X 2000

Wiring Diagrams

3 Phase Delta Circuit
3-Phase Wye Circuit
1-Phase Circuit

Pressure Drop and Heating Profile (Air)


PUR-X 2000

PUR-X 2000 and PUR-X 1000 (with cover)



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