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CAS Launches PUR-X Circulation Heater, for High-Purity Applications

Cast Aluminum Solutions (CAS), a leader in designing & manufacturing circulation heaters for the semiconductor and medical industries, is pleased to announce the launch of the new PUR-X line of circulation heaters.

PUR-X features a replaceable flowpath tube on a spiral-grooved cast aluminum body, a feature not found on any other circulation heater. This unique design helps ensure contamination-free heating.

PUR-X is available in two sizes; the PUR-X 1000 and PUR-X 2000. Capable of heating liquids or gases: both models feature replaceable fluid tubes made of PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy), a polymer capable of withstanding temperatures to 500°F (260°C). PUR-X circulation heaters also feature a Teflon®–coated aluminum body: the Teflon protects the heater body from chemical damage and facilitates easy cleanup.

According to Tony Meadors, Vice President of Sales at CAS, “the PUR-X line has been designed to fit into applications where liquids or gases need to be heated using an ultra-pure, contamination-free device. This includes heating of DI water, specialty solvents, pharmaceutical ingredients, or even blood plasma. Early adopters to our new technology are very excited about the removable flowpath tube.”

PUR-X circulation heaters will be available worldwide through CAS’s team of application engineers and distributors. To accommodate the full array of global heating demands, PUR-X is available in a range of volt, watt and circuitry options. These units can also be equipped with moisture-resistant (NEMA 4) or explosion-proof (NEMA 7) electrical enclosures, for deployment across the full array of hazardous environments.

PUR-X 2000 and PUR-X 1000 are high-purity circulation heaters designed to heat liquids & gases for the semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical markets. This unique design features a removable flowpath tube.

Eric Hostert, Director of Engineering at Cast Aluminum Solutions, summarized the PUR-X development approach, “At CAS, we work closely with customers, almost as an extension to their engineering team, so we designed PUR-X based on real-world demands. If the PUR-X flowpath tube contacts any unwanted particulate matter or residue, it can be easily replaced with a new tube. It takes 10 minutes. This saves time and money. For a contamination-sensitive industries like semiconductor and medical, we’re anticipating PUR-X to be a very desirable component.”


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PUR-X 1000

PUR-X 2000


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