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CAS Launches High-Capacity Circulation Heater, the CAST-X 4000

Cast Aluminum Solutions (CAS), a leader in designing & manufacturing circulation heaters for a broad range of industries, is pleased to announce the launch of the CAST-X 4000 Circulation Heater – positioned to be one of highest-capacity “no contact” circulation heaters on the market. This large-capacity heater works with liquids or gases of almost any type.

The no-contact design (sometimes called “indirect heating”) means the media being heated never touches the heating element. This is an important safety feature, especially when dealing with flammable or hazardous liquids and gases. The CAST-X 4000 was designed specifically for high-throughput applications, such as those found at commercial chemical plants, refining facilities, and large manufacturing operations.

The CAST-X 4000 should see substantial utilization in the oil & gas sector, from mud testing laboratories to downstream and mid-stream processes, as well as dry gas compression seal applications. The CAST-X 4000 has also tested positive for applications in the cryogas, air separation and LNG sectors (fuel gas conditioning, moisture removal, etc.). Capable of inducing large-capacity phase change, direct steam injection is another plausible application.

Additionally, the CAST-X 4000 has a reduced contamination factor because the media is relegated to the sterile environment of a 316 Stainless Steel flowpath tube: this feature is especially important for medical, pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications.

The CAST-X 4000 from Cast Aluminum Solutions. These units feature dual 1 inch OD (2.5 cm) flowpath tubes and are capable of generating 60 kW of power. Using indirect heat, they are perfect for heating flammable & hazardous materials.

The CAST-X 4000 has a maximum power rating of 60 kilowatts and is available in several volt, watt and circuit configurations. Standard electrical enclosures include NEMA 4 (moisture resistant) and ATEX (explosion-proof) options.

The CAST-X 4000 features dual 1-inch OD 316-L stainless steel spiraled-wound flowpath tubes, cast into an aluminum mass which also contains the heating elements. These heaters support liquid flowrates up to 36 gallons per minute and gas pressures up to 2500 PSI. To accommodate extremely-high-pressure applications, the CAST-X 4000 is available with Inconel flowpath tubes: electro-polished tubes and passivated tubes are also available.

Eric Hostert, Director of Engineering at Cast Aluminum Solutions, explained, “the CAST-X 4000 follows the proven design of our smaller CAST-X heaters – a no-contact, small-footprint design that’s highly-reliable, self-draining, requires very little maintenance and has a long lifespan – but with an enhanced capacity to meet the growing needs of today’s large-volume processing facilities.”

Jerry Carlson, CAST-X Divisional Vice President, expanded, “Our customers are simply looking to heat greater volumes in shorter amounts of time – in a safe and contamination-free manner – and that’s where the CAST-X 4000 shines.”


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CAST-X 4000


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