Industrial Gas & Air Separation Heaters

CAS delivers high-pressure-compatible heating components to gas generation plants and end-users worldwide.

Here are products for Gas Cabinet Heating including trim heaters with stainless steel tubes, SST, and cast-in vaporization components sold by CAS in Batavia IL.

Our list of satisfied customers includes some of the most respected names in cryogas, air separation, and industrial gas. CAS’s wide use of isolated stainless steel flow-paths is a crucial design feature for those concerned with contamination, high operating pressures, and the heating of flammable media.

  • Cryogenic Gas Heaters:  We are your solution-of-choice for inline heaters to compensate for Joule-Thomson cooling, even under high-pressure phase changes.
  • Gas Cabinet Heaters:  CAS offers a wealth of gas cabinet trim heaters to meet virtually any flowrate or Delta-T, with operating temps up to 1110°F (600°C).
  • Heating Devices for Medical Gas Applications:  With a range of sizes, CAS offers gas heating devices to fit large facility-wide applications as well as individual dispersion devices.
  • Generation & Adsorption Heaters:  Our CAST-X Circulation Heaters meet requirements for membrane-style gas generators, adsorbent regeneration processes, and other specialty gas applications.
  • Gas Transport Heaters:  CAS designs custom-engineered gas heating products to fit mobile installations for industrial gas transport and offloading requirements.

Cryogenic Gas Heating Applications

The extreme operating parameters associated with cryogenic gases — from ultra-low temperatures, to tremendous expansion pressures — mandate the integration of specialized heaters.  CAST-X Circulation Heaters are well-suited for cryogas applications, meeting these rigorous performance requirements.

These products from Cast Aluminum Solutions can heat cryogenic gases for vaporization in gas cabinets and Joule-Thomson compensation applications.
  • The majority of cryogas heating applications can be served our CAST-X Heaters, but custom-engineered heating solutions may also be developed to accommodate specific demands.
  • CAS cryogas heaters work to optimize vaporization results in liquid-to-gas phase change operations in most common cryogenic fluids (hydrogen, nitrogen, CO, CO2, Lox, etc.).
  • Heating de-pressurizing media using CAST-X Heaters can reduce or eliminate the condensation caused by Joule-Thomson cooling. This condensation and freezing can cause substantial damage to pipes, valves, and pumps, so a small CAST-X investment is a cost-effective loss-prevention solution.
  • For gases exiting pressure vessels, pressure increases can be controlled and regulated through the in-line integration of CAST-X Heaters.
  • CAST-X Circulation Heaters feature coiled seamless 316L stainless steel flow-tubes (heated media is isolated in these non-welded tubes), available in multiple diameters & wall thicknesses (accommodating pressures to 10,000 PSI). Industry-standard fittings facilitate easy integration.
Using these CAST-X Heaters for trim heating, natural gas customers reduce valve frosting and increase inline cryogenic system efficiency.

Left on its own, the pressure drop associated with the liquid gas vaporization will trigger Joule-Thomson cooling and condensation. Crystalized material can build-up on exterior and interior surfaces, potentially clogging pipes, choking flowrates, and damaging gaskets, valves and other costly components. CAS offers products that can reduce or eliminate these negative effects.

These cryogas heaters for vaporizing liquid gases and valve frost prevention are called CAST-X products, made by Cast Aluminum Solutions.

These CAST-X 2500 models are sized appropriately for cryogas vaporization and represent one of the very few solutions available to compensate for J-T cooling. Installing a CAST-X Heater in the gas flow pushes against JT temperature drop, warming gases above dew point, preventing the creation of moisture particles and subsequent frost buildup.

Gas Cabinet Heaters

Many advanced-function gas cabinets incorporate inline trim heaters, and our CAST-X Heaters are particularly well-suited for such installations. Custom-engineered gas cabinet heaters are also available through Cast Aluminum Solutions, developed and tested in-house at our large Research & Development Laboratory.

This is a gas cabinet inline trim heater made by Cast Aluminum Solutions, featuring a SST tube for high pressure cryogas vaporization at warming temperature.
  • Heating the gas stream using a CAST-X Heater or similar custom-engineered heater can reduce embedded moisture in the gas stream, preventing damage to critical components. Inline gas cabinet trim heaters also work to optimize gas temperatures for use in specific applications.
  • In cold climates, CAS-specified thaw heaters can be employed to heat a small portion of the gas stream, which is then circulated to keep linked components and the larger system from frosting: the CAST-X 1000 or CAST-X 2000 are often appropriate for these applications.
  • With CAST-X Heaters, gases are isolated in stainless steel flow-tubes, never contacting the heating elements. This design allows for the safe heating of flammable gases. For conformance with exceptionally high-pressure applications, thick-wall flow-tubes can be integrated.
  • The isolated flow-path design also carries lower contamination levels compared to traditional shell & tube heaters, a key benefit for pharmaceutical, medical, food, and semiconductor installations.
  • CAST-X Heaters are easily integrated via common fittings and standard PID or PLC controls.
These are trim heaters for gas cabinets used in cryogas vaporization and valve frost prevention applications and are sold by Cast Aluminum Solutions.

CAS supplies trim heaters to several top names in gas cabinet technology. A key feature of CAS heaters is the isolation of media in stainless steel flow-tubes, preserving purity by never allowing critical gases to contact the heating elements or any other components within the heater.

CAS in Batavia sells these custom high pressure SST tube trim heaters for gas cabinets, which fit cryogas vaporizing applications.

Our line of CAST-X Heaters features several models that are commonly integrated into gas cabinets as trim heaters and thaw heaters. But CAS also designs custom-engineered heaters, like this lay-flat model, featuring a 3-piece body, 1/2 inch SST flow-tubes, and 6 kW total power.

Heating Solutions for Medical Gas Supply Systems

With high-purity inline heaters from .5 to 60 kW, CAS delivers precise temperature control to central gas generation systems, liquid storage & vaporization equipment, and localized station outlets.  Products are available in small quantities to end-users or at high volumes for integration with commercialized equipment.

CAST-X Heaters are used here as high purity trim heaters for gas cabinets, sold by CAS into cryogenic vaporization and valve warming markets.
  • On-site medical gas production systems may utilize CAST-X Heaters in adsorption regeneration modules: these are incorporated into pre-purification units, upstream of air separation units
  • For facilities storing liquified gas, CAST-X Heaters may be incorporated into vaporization systems. In these situations, CAST-X Heaters work to compensate for the cooling caused by pressure reduction (JT effect), while helping to control the gas expansion rate and reduce gas-stream moisture content.
  • Our smaller CAST-X and PUR-X Heaters may be installed at station outlets, providing point-of-use oxygen heating for proper dispensing temperatures.
  • All medical gas heaters from CAS have built-in thermocouples, thermostats and limit switches. Paired with PLC controls, they are easily modulated, monitored and integrated into complex supply systems.
  • CAST-X Heaters are equipped with 316 stainless flow-tubes, available with ultra-high-purity (electropolished & passivated) IDs. PUR-X Heaters are available with high-purity PFA (Teflon®) flow-tubes, which have the unique benefit of being field-replaceable, if contamination should occur.
These CAST-X Trim Heaters are vaporizing liquid oxygen in gas cabinets for healthcare UHP high purity applications.

CAS offers high-purity heating solutions for on-site gas generation, liquid oxygen vaporization, and point-of-use station outlets. All our solutions, large and small, are available with medical-grade purity specifications.

Here are gas cabinet trim heaters for vaporizing cryogenic gases, perfect uses for CAST-X models from Cast Aluminum Solutions in Batavia.

Large CAST-X Heaters work well in gas generation and vaporization applications. Smaller CAST-X and PUR-X Heaters are suited for in-room gas heating. Easily integrated, all options can be controlled via standard PLC or PID devices, and all feature industry-standard tube fittings.

Nitrogen Generation and Adsorbent Regeneration Applications

CAS designs and manufactures industrial circulation heaters for membrane-style nitrogen generators, adsorbent regeneration modules, and industrial air drying.

These are CAST-X Trim Heaters, also called a gas cabinet heater, often used for membrane separation and liquid gas vaporization.
  • Most polymer membrane nitrogen generators incorporate electric heat to ensure consistent infeed temperatures and to maximize selective permeation output. CAST-X Heaters fit the power parameters of this application, while delivering better performance than high-watt-density heaters.
  • CAST-X Heaters may also be deployed as “regeneration heaters” in temperature swing adsorption (TSA) pre-purification units (PPU), located upstream of a primary air separation unit (ASU). CAST-X units heat the waste nitrogen or air that is regenerated in the contaminant desorption process (removal of CO2, H2O, NO, H2O vapor, hydrocarbons, and contaminants from the gas stream).
  • Industrial desiccant wheel dehumidifiers (large air dryers) may employ CAST-X Heaters to heat purge air in the regeneration column. CAST-X Heaters are often preferred over traditional aluminum fin heaters.
  • Bulk gas purifiers with regeneration functionality may effectively employ CAST-X Circulation Heaters in the oxidizing catalyst vessel.
  • CAST-X Circulation Heaters are available in single-tube or dual-tube configurations, with power to 60 kW.
Cast Aluminum Solutions offers these inline gas cabinet heaters for trim heating applications in nitrogen regeneration units.

Membrane nitrogen generation has evolved into an inexpensive and efficient way to generate nitrogen on-site. But to function at peak performance, most selective permeation systems require heated infeed air. CAST-X Heaters in the 5-15 kW range fill this role nicely, with heaters up to 60 kW available for high-output systems.

These are CAST-X Gas Cabinet heaters for liquid oxygen vaporizing and warming of regeneration gases, according to data from Cast Aluminum Solutions.

For the regeneration of molecular sieves, temperatures range from 350 to 600°F (175-315° C). These profiles fit the standard aluminum-bodied CAST-X line quite well: if higher temperatures are required, the bronze-bodied CAST-X High Temp line is available, with operating temperatures up to 1112°F (600°C).

Gas Vaporization Heaters for Mobile Distribution Systems

The principles of vaporization and heat transfer do not change dramatically with mobile heating units, but there are technical considerations the CAS Team is uniquely qualified to address.  Variants of our respected CAST-X brand of in-line heaters are particularly well-suited for trailer and tanker off-loading applications.

This shows a liquid oxygen gas cabinet heater with high pressure capacity and trim heating functions, manufactured by Cast Aluminum Solutions in Batavia.
  • Select CAST-X Heaters may be adapted for mobile use: custom-design heaters are also an option.
  • Trailer-mounted thaw heaters can optimize vaporization outcomes and improve flow pressure for cryogas tanker offloads. This can also be applied to liquid natural gas / CNG.
  • CAST-X Heaters are not harmed by the ultra-low temperatures associated with cryogenic gases.
  • Heating gasified media compensates for Joule-Thomson cooling, which can freeze valves & components.
  • Heaters are powered by on-board AC generators or DC-to-AC converters: small units can be DC powered.
  • With no moving parts and non-welded designs, CAST-X Heaters are sufficiently rugged.
  • For purity testing applications (sampling vaporizers) CAST-X 500 and CAST-X 1000 Heaters are appropriate.  The CAST-X's small footprint is beneficial in these cases.
  • Through our New Product Development Team, custom-designed heaters may be developed to fit costomer-specific mounting requirements, power parameters, or pressure limits.