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Cast-In Heaters Deliver Uniform Heating In A No-Pollution Manufacturing Environment


A producer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment needed a heat/chill photolithography platen assembly. Design criteria called for precision surface and temperature uniformity up to 750°F (400°C). Additionally, the deep vacuum production environment would not tolerate any porosity.


CAS solved this application by producing a high-purity, pressure-cast aluminum platen assembly that incorporated a formed cable heater, coolant tube and thermowell for a high-accuracy RTD sensor. The heating element was designed to maximize temperature uniformity, while the platen casting was CNC machined to precision surface tolerances. A hard-coat finish provided surface durability, and high emissivity. The complete assembly reduced the number of parts contained in the competitors approach and passed all tests. This enabled turn-key ordering and JIT shipment to reduce lead time and supplier base.







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