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Cast-In Heat/Cool Bands For Plastic Extrusion Machines


Plastic extrusion machines produce polymer films, sheets, pipe, rods, filaments and other profiles either independently or as coatings on wire, paper, metal, etc.

Extrusion machines differ from injection molding machines (which primarily use mica heaters) in that they often require heating and cooling. Cooling is required on extruder barrels to offset heat generated by frictional shear as the screw pump pushes plastic melt through the barrel and die head.


CAS's UL® component recognized cast-in aluminum heat/cool bands provided a solution for the extrusion application. Cast-in heat/cool bands are designed to match the heating and cooling needs of extruders by:

  • Offering longer heater life than any other band heater construction
  • Utilizing aluminum, an excellent heat conductor, to deliver a very uniform heat pattern on the barrel
  • Providing rugged construction
  • Offering a (0.5-in.) O.D. tubing cast in for maximum cooling capacity

UL® is a registered trademark of the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.





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