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compact re-circulation heaterCast-in Circulation Heaters are Reliable and Compact Heaters that Maintain Even Heat Distribution for Paint Spray Equipment


A leading industrial paint spray equipment manufacturer was seeking a reliable, compact re-circulation heater to maintain even heat distribution of liquids at high operating pressures (5000psi).

The previous heater design had several problems including uneven heat distribution, restricted material flow, pressure limitation and leakage issues resulting from the exposed heater design.


CAS recommended a cast-in coiled heater design solution. This option enabled the customer to improve capacity (volume and flow) and the stainless steel coiled design increased the pressure rating to 5000psi (an advantage of 3000psi over the competition). The new design also improved uniformity, provided better outlet temperatures and eliminated leakage issues by utilizing special stainless steel cast-in fittings. CAS designed two shapes, rectangular and cylindrical, to contain the tubing and offered both tubular or cable heating options for improved heat transfer.



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