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Cast-In Heaters Give Hot Melt Glue Systems Added Performance


Cartons are sealed and boxes are glued together by hot glue for easy transport on pallets. Hot melts are known for their fast tack, ability to adhere to a variety of surfaces and insensitivity to changes in temperature or moisture. Hot melts must be kept evenly hot to assure volume flow and prevent hot spots from ruining the glue.


A slanted tank mounting permits warmed glue to flow, via gravity, towards the pump. The low watt density cast-in tubular heaters on the tank keep the adhesive flowing freely and removes "hot spots" in the tank's corners that tend to char. From the pump, glue is forced through hoses to the gun.

The CAS cast-in tubular heater offers this customer the required even heating, long life, and cost savings, over more expensive heating options.




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