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Cast-in Circulation HeaterCast-in Circulation Heater for Flammable Solvents


The customer needed a heater solution capable of safely heating a low flash point solvent flowing at three gallons per minute from 20°C (68°F) at inlet to 100°F (212°F) at outlet. Additionally, the heater solution needed to comply with industry agency requirements and fit within the small existing footprint of the customer's equipment.


A closed loop system (consisting of a reservoir, heater, pump and process chamber) failed to provide sufficient power to maintain the solvent liquid at the required application temperature of 100°F (212°F). The existing system was also inefficient and slow to reach process temperatures and recover from process upsets.


CAS's solution was a cylindrical shaped cast part with helical coiled tubes and cast-in formed tubular heater elements. This cast aluminum circulation heater operates at near 100% efficienciency. The part features a primary solvent tube cast-in. This tube carries the low flash point solvent and transfers heat into the solution.

A secondary chilled water tube is cast-in. This tube allows for quick cooling of the casting in an emergency, or cools down the system for routine maintenance. Three tubular elements are cast-in, delivering up to 480V (three phase) and 7500W. A NEMA 7X (National Electric Manufacturers Association) rated (explosion proof) enclosure box covers the electrical connections for safety. Two sensors (Type J thermocouples) monitor the solvent outlet and casting core temperatures. A snap-action over temperature protection switch provides safe shut down in the event that other system controls fail. The casting body is surrounded by insulation to minimize heat loss and keep equipment cabinet temperatures low.



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