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Blood Analyzer HeaterDiagnostic Equipment (Blood Analyzer) Heater


An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of blood analyzing equipment required a method to heat and control the temperature of their testing fluids.


The customer's initial design was a sandwiched assembled block containing coiled tubing and bonded silicone rubber heaters. This design had several performance issues including fluid contamination and corrosion as well as leakage throughout the fluid path. In addition, the bonded silicon rubber heaters on the aluminum plates had poor heat transfer, which caused inadequate temperature control. The design required custom assembly and the purchase of numerous parts, which resulted in additional customer time, effort and cost.


CAS converted the existing design to a one-piece cast-in aluminum construction utilizing tubular elements. CAS's design significantly improved heat transfer and eliminated the corrosion and leakage problems. Alodine, a special protective external coating applied around the outside perimeter of the aluminum castings, reduced contaminants from the cast surface.
CAS also facilitated the addition of customer-specified sensors, switches, wiring harnesses and electrical enclosures, delivering a ready to use product. This value-added subassembly eliminated the time required for the customer to install and purchase 17 separate parts, reducing overall cost and effort.

The customer was pleased with CAS's solution and integration capabilities. The cast-in solution enabled CAS to migrate the solution to other assemblies in the customer's facility currently utilizing silicone and cartridge heaters.




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